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Newsletter 2012

by Barbara Griffiths

Where has 2012 gone ?

They say the older you get the faster time goes by and that has been the case for the members of Gwerinwyr Gwent. We seemed to have had a very busy year that has flown by.


One of our aims is to promote Welsh Culture in the community and this year the age range has been from 5 to 95. We have danced in village halls, pubs to prestigious places such as Llanofer Hall and Tredegar House.  We have made our presence felt at historical events such as the celebration at Cardiff Bay for the opening of the coastal path and also the handing over of Tredegar House from Newport City Council to the National Trust.


Gwyl Plant Festivals have been run by some of the members of the dance team at the usual four venues plus an extra one at Tredegar House. Nearly a thousand primary school children of former Gwent were given the opportunity to keep alive the fun of Welsh folk dancing and the team also shared this promotion of Welsh culture by hosting two Belgian teams and a Czech  team during the weekend of the Tredegar House Folk Festival. Dance has no language barrier. This was also the case at The National Eisteddfod in The Vale of Glamorgan where we were able to join in the celebration of the Welsh Culture. The team with a little help from our friends (thankyou) also had the opportunity to spread our culture to England by attending the Lowender Peran Folk Festival in Cornwall  for a fabulous long weekend and  once again we were a major part of the Christmas celebrations in Tredegar House – what a setting !!


As well as having good fun and lots of enjoyment we also had to say “au revoir” to a very faithful friend who moved to Aberystwyth, but the saddest thing to report is  the sudden death of one of our ex members Ralph, husband of Nerys. ( Lines) Ralph had been with Gwerinwyr for over 25 years and was group photographer/archivist for many years, we even got him to perform on a few occasions. His death was a shock and many of us have lovely memories of Ralph and our love and best wishes go to Nerys.


On a happier note we look forward to a busy and exciting 2013.