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Gwerinwyr Gwent Website

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Welcome to the Gwerinwyr Gwent Website.  This site is frequently updated, so please keep checking to see what is new.  We have added a gallery showing photos of some of our performances as well as a list of where you can see us dancing and information about what we have been up to.  You can find our more about the group and what we do on the About Us and History pages.

We are always seeking new members, and either beginners or experienced dancers are very welcome. Practice night is Thursday 8-10pm at the Graig Community Hall, Bassaleg, NP10 8LG opposite the Ruperra Arms. Just come along, or ring 01495 271953 for more details.   Dancing is fun; it’s exercise but you don’t have to be superfit to do it….give it a try!  For more information click the Recruitment button.

If you want further details about Gwerinwyr Gwent please contact our Secretary:

Sue Venn -  Tel 01495 271953 E-mail Sue Venn